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Poly+ Features

Rest easy knowing Poly has your back, day or night. No one knows collaboration solutions better, especially given our expertise and alliances with leading ecosystem partners, including Microsoft, Zoom, GoTo, BlueJeans and others. Poly solutions are rock solid, but if an incident occurs, you’re covered. Advance hardware replacement with pre-paid next day shipping assures business continuity. Exclusive professional services discounts save your business time and money, and with upgraded access to premium software, elevating your collaborative experience for your entire enterprise couldn’t be easier. Unlock the potential of the possible.

See Activate Poly+ for detailed instructions on activating Poly+ on Poly Lens.

Poly+ Services

  • Unlimited, Global 24x7 Technical Support: Help how and when you need it: phone, chat, web, live video
  • Advance Hardware Replacement: Replace your device with pre-paid next-business-day shipping, ensuring business continuity
  • Ecosystem Cloud Partner Support: Improved response times in Poly-enabled ecosystem cloud solutions
  • Exclusive Professional Services Discounts: Save your business time and money with special discounts
  • Upgraded Access to Premium Software

Poly+ Supported Devices

The Poly+ feature is available on all devices that Poly Lens supports. See Supported Devices for a detailed list of all the devices supported by Poly Lens.
Note: Currently Poly+ does not support the Blackwire 3200 series.

For additional information see, Poly+.

Poly Lens Features Enabled by Poly+

  • Notification Center
  • Network Insights for your remote workforce
  • Audit Log Event Details