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Policy by Device Model

A Policy enables you to manage a group of devices (of the same model) with a single configuration and software level, simplifying the management of a large group of devices.
There is a single policy for each device model associated with the open account, along with basic policy information. To view or modify a policy (Manage > Policy > Device Model), simply select the Device Model Policy and view or adjust the settings as needed.
Note: When a new device is onboarded, it will be automatically added to the Policy for that Device Model. If there is no Policy for that Device Model, Poly Lens will create one.

For detailed information on managing the following lists, see List Managment.

Device ModelThe model type of the Policy.
Device CountThe number of devices in this Policy.
Device imageAn image of the the device for quick identification.

Add a New Device Model Policy

Note: You must change and save at least one setting to create a policy.

  1. Select Manage > Policy > Device Model > Add.
  2. Select or Search for a device type from the popup list.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. On the Settings page change a setting (this is required to create a policy) to be modified.
  5. Select Apply.
  6. A new policy is created for the device type and now appears in the list of Policies.

Delete a Device Model Policy

Note: You cannot delete a policy, if there are no devices for this Policy.

  1. Select Manage > Policy > Device Model.
  2. Select the checkbox for the Device Model(s) to delete from the list.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Select Confirm.
    Caution: This action cannot be undone.
  5. The policy is deleted and removed from the list.

Export Device Policies

The following process exports all of the Device information on the open Account to a CSV file. This file is zipped and saved in your Downloads folder on your PC.
Note: Non-provisionable devices will not be exported.
You can manage device parameters, including those that are not available in the Poly Lens interface, in the CSV file and import the file back into Poly Lens.

  1. Select Manage > Policy > Device Model.
  2. Select Export Device Policies.
  3. All the device information on the Account is exported to a zipped CSV file.
  4. Open the file and update the device configuration as needed. For management of device parameters, see the specific endpoint device documentation for details.
  5. Import the CSV file back into Poly Lens, see Import Configuration Files for detailed information on this process.

For additional information on Policies see: