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New to the Dashboard - Room Utilization vs. Occupancy

Here’s the scoop: We’ve added a new widget to our dashboard lineup to view your Room usage all in one place.

With the new Room Utilization vs. Occupancy bubble chart, you can visualize room utilization, size, and occupancy in a single view. Each bubble represents a single room, with its size proportional to its capacity and its position reflecting its utilization and occupancy. Utilization is the number of hours a day that room is used, and occupancy is the number of people in the room against its capacity.

You can quickly identify rooms that are over-utilized, under-utilized, consistently empty, or reaching maximum capacity (and any combination of the above!). This allows you to reallocate resources or repurpose spaces as needed. Ready to maximize the efficiency of your rooms? The bubble chart is now available in the dashboard. Take a look!

P.S. Don’t forget to add capacity to your rooms in a room’s settings if you haven’t already to take advantage of this new feature.