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Enhancements in Poly Lens Portal - Unassigned Sites and Rooms

Until recently, devices had to be assigned to a particular Site and Room within the Poly Lens portal. If there was no assignment, they were associated with an Unassigned Site and Unassigned Room. While this system had its merits, it also led to an unintended consequence: a proliferation of unassigned Rooms and Sites cluttering the Poly Lens portal. This not only impacted the user experience but also created complications with various policy management tools, device actions, insights and reports.

Today, we're proud to share that we have removed the mandatory requirement of devices being assigned to a Site or Room. This change has been implemented to make the Poly Lens portal more flexible and user-friendly than ever before.

Here's what you need to know about this improvement:

  • Removal of Mandatory Site and Room Assignment: The mandatory requirement of devices being assigned to a Site/Room has been entirely removed.
  • Elimination of Unassigned Rooms and Sites: All unassigned Rooms and Sites have been removed from Poly Lens, decluttering the portal.
  • Simplified Assignment: A device can now be assigned to a Room without needing to associate it with a Site. However, if the Room is already associated with a Site, the device will automatically become assigned to that Site.
  • Explicit Configuration: Devices will not be assigned to a Site/Room unless explicitly configured by an authorized Poly Lens user or as part of the device onboarding/provisioning process.
  • Poly Lens as the Source of Truth: Poly Lens Sites and Rooms will no longer be auto-created based on fields set locally on the device. When an authorized Poly Lens user assigns a Site or Room to a device in Poly Lens, this assignment will flow down to the device during the next polling cycle. Once that happens, Poly Lens will become the definitive source of truth for the assigned Site and Room for each device. Any local updates will be overwritten by Poly Lens during the next polling cycle.
  • Enhanced Device Action Feed: The Device Action Feed has been updated, removing the Unassigned Site column. Instead, it has been replaced with a Devices without Sites feature for your convenience, allowing you to easily access a simplified list of devices that are not associated to a Site, giving you the option to disregard them if needed.
  • Room Insights: For the best Room Insights experience, we recommend removing assigned Rooms from personal devices such as headsets and desk phones.