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Encore! Uptime & Usage Leaderboards Added to the Dashboard

We understand the vital role that data plays in driving informed technology decisions and fostering organizational growth. That’s why we are expanding the dashboard with three more dashboard widgets:

Room Utilization: See where your high-demand spaces are. Are they your smaller training rooms or larger conference areas? Are they clustered on the same floor? Use this knowledge to better allocate resources to ensure these rooms are well equipped to support all your collaboration needs.

Model Utilization: Track your most used device models. Capture trends, anticipate future needs, and strategically invest in technology upgrades.

Model Uptime: Identify the device models that are consistently delivering reliable performance. Compare stats across sites, establish benchmarks, address issues to minimize downtime, and then see how your uptime improves using this view.

Curious? We are. Validate your assumptions or uncover the unexpected. Visit your Dashboard now.