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Lens Apps

📄️ Poly Lens Apps Overview

Now you can make collaboration better for every user in every workspace. Poly Lens gives you a window into collaboration environments across your entire organization, with a spotlight on how spaces and devices are being used. Get a clear picture of what’s working, and where you can improve and take control with fast device onboarding. Cloud access delivers flexibility, agility, and security, adding value without heavy IT lifting. No need to buy servers means more bang for your budget. Everything you need to make the most of your workspace is right at your fingertips.

📄️ Poly Lens Web App

Poly Lens Web App, a progressive web app that’s supported with Google Chrome. Enables you to configure and manage supported HP Poly audio and video devices. You can also use Poly Lens Web App to enhance your work environment and set health and wellness reminders. For the best Poly Lens Web App experience, use Google Chrome, which provides full support of the application, however, if you use a standard web browser to connect the Poly Lens Web App features may not be as robust as they are on Google Chrome.