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Troubleshooting Overview

Poly Lens provides the following tools for troubleshooting issues with the portal.

Device Information

Detailed device, network and service information that may assist in troubleshooting issues with Poly Lens. See Device Information.


The diagnostics feature allows you to retreive logs for this device.
See Diagnostics.

Packet Capture

The packet capture allows you to enable and download the active network data in a PCAP file for analysis. See Packet Capture.

Onboard Troubleshooting

There are onboard troubleshooting that have been discovered and available for assistance with onboarding issues that you may encounter.
See Onboard Troubleshooting.

Screen Capture

You can perform a remote screen capture of a current device screen with Poly Lens. Note: The device must be online to enable the Request Screen Capture button.
See Screen Capture.

Error Messages

There are error messages that may display at times.
See Error Messages.