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ServiceNow Support Added to Notification Center

Keeping devices up, running, and ready for action is critical and when those devices are in trouble, you want to be alerted as quickly as possible. Today, as part of the Poly+ service, the Notification Center has been expanded to include a new integration to ServiceNow. The notifications sent from Poly Lens into ServiceNow allows you to get critical automated device alerts, providing you with the insights you need to take action when they matter most. Once configured, device alerts from the Poly Lens Notification Center are delivered right to your ServiceNow instance and include visibility to when devices go offline and when devices have software updates available.

To get started, Poly+ users:

  1. Go to Account menu icon Account menu > Manage Accounts.
  2. Select an Account from the list.
  3. Select Notifications from the side tabs.
  4. Select ServiceNow.

For more information and configuration details on ServiceNow Notification Setup see Poly Lens Help.

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