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Poly Expands the Poly Lens API Portfolio

We have added more than 50 new officially supported APIs to the Poly Lens API Portfolio. There are now almost a hundred Poly Lens APIs that are available publicly and are officially supported by Poly.

In December 2022, we opened the Lens Management & Insights API to our developer community. And now, we have taken our API portfolio to the next level by adding several highly useful APIs for:

  • Inventory Reporting & Management
  • Device & Room Insights
  • Platform Management
  • Device Control
  • Device Software

The guiding principle of the Poly Lens Management and Insights API is to provide our developer community with opportunities to innovate and create in ways that continue to build new experiences, making collaboration easier for everyone by leveraging our platforms. Whether you are an independent developer, enterprise developer, solution provider, or system integrator, you can take advantage of the intelligent insights and management capabilities offered on the Poly Lens platform to optimize your workflows, build custom applications, or extract the data from Lens in a way that works for your organization.

The new APIs not only cover several new use cases but also enable developers to dive deeper into those covered previously. Here are all the use cases covered by the officially supported Poly Lens APIs:

Use Case CategoryUse Cases
Inventory Reporting & Management- Notifications Center New icon
- Custom Devices Tags New icon
- Inventory Reporting
- Room & Site Management
- Subnet Management
Device & Room Insights- Call & Meeting Records New icon
- Device Utilization
- Room Occupancy & Utilization
Platform Management- User Management
- Tenant Management
Device Control- Device Logs New icon
- Software Updates New icon
- Reboot & Reset Device
- Call Control
- Device Registration
Device Software- Device software New icon

All the APIs are documented at the Poly Lens Developer Portal. The depth and breadth of covered use cases showcase the power of the Poly Lens Management & Insight APIs - enough to hopefully get you started with exploring these APIs on the Poly Lens API Playground. To make it easier for you to spot officially supported APIs, we have highlighted the officially supported APIs as such on the Poly Lens GraphQL Playground. See the screenshot below.

Query charts example

We'll continue to expand our portfolio of supported APIs to cover more & more use cases. In the meantime, if you have specific content requests or questions, reach out to