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Seamless Management, Enhanced Monitoring - Introducing Zoom Device Management (ZDM) Integration

Today marks a new milestone as we proudly introduce our latest integration with the Zoom Device Management (ZDM) tool. We're excited to introduce a seamless solution that simplifies the management of Poly video devices running Zoom Rooms by providing essential Zoom room and device status at your fingertips. Our aim is to address the challenge of monitoring and maintaining Zoom Device Management details with greater efficiency within Poly Lens. Now, gaining clarity on key Zoom health indicators has never been easier.

Enriched Zoom Room and Device Health Status

This new integration is designed to make managing your Poly Video solutions for Zoom Rooms easier and more intuitive than ever before. Essential Zoom room statuses are now seamlessly woven throughout Poly Lens, giving you a clearer view of key Zoom health indicators without any hassle.

Visualize your Zoom Room and device health status effortlessly inside of Poly Lens, whether you're in Room Inventory, Device Details, or Sites view. And if you ever need to dive deeper into a specific Zoom room or Zoom device, it's just a click away from the Room Overview page, with direct links to your managed Zoom Rooms right in Zoom Device Management (ZDM).

Zoom Room Status/Zoom Device Health Status

Immediate Implementation and Monitoring

The key to unlocking this experience is achieved by The Poly Lens Connector for Zoom Device Management application, which is now available in the Zoom Marketplace. This application utilizes OAuth 2.0, which provides a secure and standardized way of authentication, letting Poly Lens access Zoom Device Management data safely and securely. This cloud-to-cloud integration allows you to quickly deploy and access Zoom device and room details in minutes, making set up a breeze.

See here -

Zoom Room Status/Zoom Device Health Status

Get Started Today

It’s time to unlock a new level of visibility and monitoring like never before. With essential Zoom Room statuses now available within Poly Lens, gaining clarity on key Zoom room health indicators inside of Poly Lens has never been easier. The Poly Lens Connector for Zoom Device Management application is now available in the Zoom Marketplace, allowing for quick deployment and access to your Zoom ecosystem details. Get started today!

Note: A Zoom Pro account plan or higher is required and a Poly Lens Premium license enabled by Poly+ Enterprise. Supported on all Poly Zoom Certified Android Video Devices.

To learn how to enable the Zoom Device Management Integration, visit Integration Zoom Management.

For more information on the Zoom Device and Room Status details, visit Zoom Integration Details.