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What's New in Poly VideoOS 4.1.1?

On November 10, Poly released our new Poly VideoOS software version 4.1.1. This release includes new capabilities and improvements, all designed to optimize your hybrid meeting experiences while continuing to drive high-quality standards.

Poly DirectorAI People Framing

This release expanded Poly DirectorAI people framing to Studio X30 and X50 video bars*. Now users can experience the same Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology across the entire Poly Studio X family of video bars. Since Poly DirectorAI launched in 2019, we have continued to fine tune, enhance, and expand our AI-driven camera capabilities.

To level the playing field between remote and onsite meeting participants, it is crucial that everyone within the video meeting is seen and heard equally. People framing is a smart camera mode that identifies participants in the meeting space and uses zoomed-in shots to create a unique layout of frames, showing all in-person participants with an up-close view. This layout of frames is then sent to the video app of your choice as a single video stream so that far-end viewers can easily connect with in-person participants. People in the room feel seen and able to speak up, while remote participants no longer feel they are missing out on the in-room dynamic as they’re able to catch the details previously lost with one single zoomed-out view. This experience helps bring teams closer together and encourages more effective collaboration.

Poly DirectorAI People Framing

Of course, people framing might not be the answer for every meeting, so camera mode selection is easy and can be adjusted for each meeting via an in-room touch interface. Poly Studio X family video bars also include Poly DirectorAI group framing and speaker framing modes.

Quality Improvements

We continue to focus on driving high-quality standards and have dedicated much of this release to quality improvements, including enhancements for our recently released Poly DirectorAI Perimeter feature.

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For a full list of updates and technical details regarding the Poly VideoOS 4.1.1 release, check out the release notes.

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*People framing is not available on Poly Studio X30 and X50 while in Poly Video mode.