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Monitor Devices in Near Real-Time with the latest Poly Lens GraphQL Subscription API

Near Real-Time Device Monitoring

As Hybrid Work & Return to Office trends continue to evolve, so do the collaboration patterns. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to ensure that meeting room devices are up & running always. If a device disconnects from the Poly Lens cloud, it likely means the device has stopped working and is no longer connected to the outside network. As an IT admin, when this happens, especially if it is a VIP room, you’d want to know immediately so that you can take corrective action proactively without waiting for the user to create a support ticket. The deviceStream API does that and more.

The DeviceStream Subscription API

The newly launched deviceStream API is a scalable GraphQL Subscription API that enables real-time monitoring of various key attributes of Poly devices and provides an update when their values change. Most notably this includes the connection status between Poly devices and the Poly Lens cloud. You can use this API to build custom monitoring and alerting based on device connectedness, understand when a device's software has been updated, and much more.

Supported Key Attributes

connected: Connection status between Poly device and Poly Lens cloud.
tenantId: The Poly Lens account identifier of the device.
siteId: Unique identifier of the site.
roomId: Unique identifier of the room.
modelId: The unique model name or number of the device.
productId: Product identifier of the device.
id: Unique identifier of the device.
name: The official name of a product without a manufacturer name, e.g. Studio P15.
externalIp: External IP address of the device.
macAddress: Mac address of the device.
hardwareRevision: The revision number of the device's hardware.
softwareVersion: Product software version.
softwareBuild: Unique identifier of the build of the device software. This helps differentiate different builds within the same version.

Important Note: The API stream is engineered to track state changes across multiple devices simultaneously. To prevent exceeding rate limits, it's strongly recommended to use a single API stream to monitor multiple devices. This can be achieved by listing device IDs separated by commas within an array. For details refer to example queries here.

Accessing the deviceStream API

You can access the deviceStream API at the Poly Lens GraphQL Playground. To use this API in your application, you can create credentials in Poly Lens. See How to Get Started.

DeviceStream Operation