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Settings Import & Device Migration

The Import & Migrate feature allows an admin to Import Settings or Migrate Devices into Poly Lens with a CSV file.

Supported Devices

  • Poly VideoOS Devices: Poly G7500, Poly Studio X30, X50
  • UCS Devices: Poly Trios, Poly CCX, Poly VVX
  • USB Devices that can be provisioned: Poly Studio USB, Poly EagleEye Cube USB Camera

See Supported Devices for a list of supported device models.

Rules for CSV Files

  • Acceptable separators are comma, semicolon, and tab.
  • A separator cannot be used in values (if the separator is a comma, then semicolon can be used in the values, not a comma).
  • Extra separators at the end of a row will be removed (commas and semicolons).
  • The required fields are mac_address, serial_number, and device_model (MAC address, Serial number, and Device type). The additional fields entered are treated as settings.
  • If a setting name or a value is incorrect, then errors will be sent specific to the device.
  • Supported datatypes are Integer, String, Enum and Boolean

File Size

If your file is large, simply zip the file prior to import.

To Import Settings

This feature allows you to bulk configure settings for devices provisioned to Poly Lens, even settings that may not yet exposed in the Poly Lens portal today. Note: If you are familiar with the schemas that are used in Resource Manager and PDMS-E, those same schemas can be applied with a CSV file and imported into Poly Lens.

  1. Create the CSV file. Enter the information into the file, following the example set in the template.
    Note: There is a template provided as an example of the CSV file to be used. To download the template, select Account menu icon Account menu > Import & Migrate > Devices > Download Template.
  2. When the zipped CSV files are complete, go to Account menu icon Account menu > Import & Migrate > Devices.
  3. There are two methods of attaching a file:
    • Click the dialog box and locate the file to import.
    • Drag-and-drop a file onto the blue square on the dialog box.
  4. Select Import to begin the process.
  5. Select Done.
    Note: If there is an error when importing the file, an error log will display, directing you to the fields that caused the errors.
  6. Once the file is imported, this information will be associated with the device IDs, to update their configuration. If the device is not onboarded into Poly Lens, the information is saved and applied to the device when it is onboarded.

As an example, the configuration How to Configure Custom Background Image for the Display on Voice Devices can easily be applied to a device in Poly Lens by placing the information into a CSV file and importing into Poly Lens.