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Supported Devices

Poly Lens supports the following devices:
Note: To enable the latest Poly Lens features available for the following devices, once the devices are onboarded verify they have been upgraded to the latest software version through Poly Lens.

For your convenience, we have provided links to all the devices supported by Poly Lens to assist you in the configuration and operation of these devices. See Device Documentation.

Video Devices

  • Poly G7500
  • Poly Studio E60
  • Poly Studio G62
  • Poly Studio X30
  • Poly Studio X50
  • Poly Studio X52
  • Poly Studio X70

Note: PIN and QR onboarding are supported with the above Video devices.

USB Video Devices

  • Poly EagleEye Cube USB Camera
  • Poly Studio E70
  • Poly Studio R30
  • Poly Studio USB Video Bar
  • Poly Studio V52

Note: The Poly G7500, Poly Studio X30, and Poly Studio X50 must be upgraded to Poly VideoOS software version 4.2 or higher, from the Poly Support site, before using Poly Lens for device Provisioning. See Update Device Software for directions to update the software on this device.

Voice Devices

  • Poly CCX 350, 400, 500, 505, 600, 700
  • Poly Edge B10, B20, B30
  • Poly Edge E100, E220, E300, E320, E350, E400, E450, E500, E550
  • Poly Trio 8300
  • Poly Trio 8500
  • Poly Trio 8800
  • Poly Trio C60
  • Poly VVX 101, 150
  • Poly VVX 201, 250
  • Poly VVX 301, 311, 350
  • Poly VVX 401, 411, 450
  • Poly VVX 501
  • Poly VVX 601

Note: Poly Trio requires version 5.9.3 (supports basic provisioning only) or higher, Poly VVX Series requires software version 6.3 or higher, and Poly CCX Series software 6.2.11 or higher, to use Poly Lens. For access to all the latest Poly Lens features, upgrade the device software to the latest version.

The following VVX devices fully support provisioning, however Insights and Management actions (synchronization, reset, reboot over Poly Lens) are not supported.

  • Poly VVX 300, 310
  • Poly VVX 400, 410
  • Poly VVX 500
  • Poly VVX 600

Note: For VVX x00 Gen 1 devices, Poly Lens supports version 5.9.7.

Personal USB Devices

For the list of supported Personal USB Devices connected through Poly Lens Desktop, see Lens Desktop.

Personal Bluetooth Devices

For the list of supported Personal BT (Bluetooth) Devices connected through Poly Lens Mobile, see Lens Mobile.

Works with Chromebook Devices, and Compatible with Chrome

For the list of supported Devices connected through Poly Lens Web App, see Lens Web App.