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Ports and Protocols

The basic ports and protocols are displayed in the graphic below.

Ports and Protocols for a Network Device

Diagram of Ports and Protocols of Poly Lens Network Devices

Ports and Protocols for Poly Lens Apps

Diagram of Ports and Protocols of Poly Lens Apps

Poly Lens Connection Requirements by Device Category

Note: Poly Lens Desktop additionally requires an HTTPS connection to Microsoft, Google, or Apple, and any corresponding Identity Providers based on your authentication provider deployment model.

  • These are specific to each SSO implementation and are not provided by Poly.

Poly Lens Network Devices

DestinationTypePortPurposeProtocolSecurity ManagementAMQP over
TLS 1.2 ManagementAMQP over
TLS 1.2
<uniqueid> PolicyHTTPSTLS 1.2
swupdate.lens.poly.comTCP443Device SoftwareHTTPSTLS 1.2 Lens API and
Configuration Policy

Poly Lens Desktop and Poly Lens Room App

TCP443Active ManagementMQTTTLS 1.2
swupdate.lens.poly.comTCP443Device Firmware
and App Updates
speedtest.lens.poly.comTCP443Network Diagnostic TestHTTPSTLS 1.3
lens-speedtest-04.eastus.azurecontainer.ioUDP8080Network Diagnostic TestHTTPN/A
login.lens.poly.comTCP443Device User AuthenticationHTTPSTLS 1.2
lens-auth0-silica-prod01.s3.amazonaws.comTCP443Device User AuthenticationHTTPSTLS 1.2 Lens API and
Configuration Policy

Note: Also see the System Port requirements for the device. See Device Documentation for links to the documents of supported devices.

Azure IP Ranges

You can download a JSON file of the IP address ranges for Public Azure here.
Note: This file is updated weekly.