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Poly Lens Room App Release Notes

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Introducing Poly Lens Room, providing you the ability to connect your PC-based room collaboration system to your Poly Lens tenant. Rounding out the Poly Lens solution for IT organizations, Poly Lens Room is an application that enables you to configure and manage your Poly audio and video devices attached in a PC-based conference room. This app allows you to connect your conference room Mini-PC and any connected Poly USB devices to the Poly Lens Portal for a remote inventory view, device monitoring and device management.

Partner Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
  • More platforms to be supported in the future

Compute Requirements

  • Any certified Microsoft Teams Room compute (mini-PC) running Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, including the HP G9 Plus, with Windows 10 (version 1703 or newer) or Windows 11, is supported by Poly Lens Room.

Devices Supported

  • USB Video Devices (Poly P15, Poly R30, Poly Studio USB, Poly Studio E70, Poly Studio E60, & Poly Studio V52)
  • USB Speakerphone Devices (Poly Sync 10, Sync 20, Sync 40, & Sync 60)
  • Touch Controller (Poly GC8, & Poly TC10 with HP G9 Plus)
  • 3rd Party Devices (Any 3rd Party USB Device with a Serial Number)

Features and Functionality

  • PIN onboard you PC Room via Poly Lens Room App into your Poly Lens cloud Account
  • View the PC, any Poly connected devices and 3rd party devices with a serial number under Manage > Inventory in Poly Lens cloud
  • A Room in your Poly Lens cloud Account will be auto generated with the Inventory view
  • Each Device will have a Device Details page associated with it for additional Device details
  • View the Online or Offline status of connected Devices
  • Ability to remote restart the PC or attached Poly Video Devices
  • Ability to manage Device firmware updates via Policy for Poly Video Devices and Speakerphones
  • Poly Lens Room App will be the gatekeeper for firmware updates between Poly Lens and Windows Update
  • Poly Lens Room App will auto update to the latest software version found in Poly Lens after being onboarded
  • Poly Lens Room logs will be available in your Poly Lens Account on the Lens Room App Detail page under Diagnose > Fetch Logs

Known Issues

  • No device restart button available for Poly Studio E60 camera
  • Inconsistent device link status

To find out more about the new Poly Lens Room App visit Poly Lens Online Help.