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Poly Lens Room App

The Poly Lens Room is an application that enables you to configure and manage your Poly audio and video devices attached in a PC-based conference room. This app allows you to connect your conference room Mini-PC and any connected Poly USB devices to the Poly Lens Portal for a remote inventory view, device monitoring and device management.

Partner Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
  • More platforms to be supported in the future.

Computer Requirements

  • Any certified Microsoft Teams Room computer (mini-PC) running Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, with Windows 10 (version 1703 or newer) or Windows 11, is supported by the Poly Lens Room App.

Where to Download the Poly Lens Desktop App

Installation Instructions

  • Review the Port and Protocol requirements to verify the Poly Lens Room App can load and communicate to the Poly Lens Portal.
  • Download the Poly Lens Room App from your Poly Lens Account (tenant), to the administrator account on your Microsoft Teams Room on Windows PC.
  • Poly Lens Desktop must not be on this Microsoft Teams Room on the Windows PC. Please remove the Poly Lens Desktop application if it is currently installed on the device.
  • Poly Lens Room can work with both the Poly Camera Control and E70 Audio service applications installed on the Microsoft Teams Room on the Windows PC.

Devices Supported

USB Video Devices

  • Poly Studio E60
  • Poly Studio E70
  • Poly Studio P15
  • Poly Studio R30
  • Poly Studio V52
  • Poly Studio USB Video Bar

USB Speakerphone Devices

  • Poly Sync 10, Sync 20, Sync 40, Sync 60

Touch Controller

  • Poly GC8
  • Poly TC10 with HP Mini IP Conferencing PC

Third-Party Devices

  • Any third-party USB Device with a Serial Number