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Microsoft AAD Integration for PC-Based Room Systems

Verify the Poly Lens Account is in the same domain in which the Microsoft Teams Room is associated.

Onboard your PC Room with a Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration

  1. In Poly Lens go to Admin menu icon Admin menu > Integrations.
  2. Select Microsoft Entra ID from the side tabs.
  3. Select the Allow Access slider and select Apply.
  4. Authenticate using the Microsoft prompt and specify the Account associated with the Microsoft Teams Room you are onboarding.
  5. Select Accept on the next Microsoft prompt.

Verify a Successful Integration

  1. Log in at with an Account with an admin role.
  2. Find and open the Azure Active Directory service either in the left side panel or on the main dashboard.
  3. Open Enterprise Applications from side tab.
  4. Find an entry here named Poly Lens Directory Integration and note the date. This completes the verification.

Verify a Successful Room Onboard

  1. Go back to the Poly Lens Room App and confirm the Success screen has appeared on the App.
  2. If the Success screen is not displayed, you can select Verify Onboarding in the Poly Lens Room app to confirm the onboarding was successful.