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Poly Lens Desktop – Loginless Onboarding

As part of our continued efforts to help our customers optimize their collaboration experiences, we are excited to introduce a new streamlined and secure method to onboard users and their personal devices into Poly Lens with Loginless Onboarding. This feature is available starting with the 1.1.26 version of Lens Desktop for Windows.

This new onboarding method allows IT admins to create a unique client token within a Poly Lens cloud account. When this unique token is deployed together with Lens Desktop, all personal device users will be automatically connected to the designated Poly Lens cloud Account without requiring users to login.

Benefits of Loginless onboarding with Lens Desktop include:

  • IT admins can deploy the Poly Lens Desktop in a scalable and secure manner
  • IT admins can immediately manage all Poly Lens supported USB and Bluetooth personal Devices including headsets, USB video and personal speakerphones
  • IT admins can increase the speed to onboard users and Devices
  • End users will have complete access to customize their experience through the Lens Desktop App, without needing to sign-in or accept the end-user license agreement
  • The App will launch minimized to the taskbar

For more information and Lens Desktop Loginless deployment instructions, search for Loginless in Poly Lens Help.