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Introducing the Poly Lens Web App

We are excited to announce the newest member of the Poly Lens family, the Poly Lens Web App available for Public Preview today. This Progressive Web App (PWA) was specifically designed to meet the needs of Google managed organizations and end users on Chrome devices.

The initial public preview is now available, offering early access with personal setting capabilities on select Works with Chromebook (WWCB) certified devices to any Poly user prior to the official launch in 2023.

Reference: Certified Solutions for Works with Chromebook.

The Poly Lens Web App is supported in Chrome, ChromeOS, and Edge. This will allow users to access the Lens Web App from a variety of devices and platforms. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our users to manage select Poly devices, regardless of the operating system they are using.

Supported Devices in Preview

Works with Chromebook Devices

  • Poly Blackwire USB Headsets
  • Poly EncorePro USB Headsets
  • Poly Studio, P5, Studio P15

Compatible with Chrome

  • Poly Voyager Bluetooth Headsets (select models)
  • Poly Adapters (BT700, DA75, MDA524)
  • Poly Sync 10

Capabilities Supported in Preview

The initial preview offers a limited set of capabilities, with additional IT management settings planned for the official launch. The current capabilities include the ability for users to configure device settings, advanced support with device logs, health and wellness features, notification alerts in Chrome for battery status, mute alerts, hold reminders, and more. Additionally, there is enterprise-level visibility for supported devices, inventory/user management, and online/offline status while the App is running.

At launch, the solution will not support firmware updates or policy management, but future updates will enable features that provide value to end-users, IT teams, and organizations.

For more information, see Poly Lens Web App Online Help, also search for the Web App in the Poly Lens Help.

How can I Access the Public Preview?

You can access the public preview via the Chrome browser/ChromeOS/Edge at

Try it out today and let us know your feedback in the Lens Web App or this URL: as we work towards the official launch in 2023.