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Optimizing User Interaction - Room Overview UI Enhancements

Welcome to a new era of seamless device management and monitoring within Lens Rooms, where Poly Devices and Lens are set to redefine your Room management experience. Our latest enhancements bring forth a series of improvements designed to empower you in efficiently navigating and monitoring Rooms. To start, the Side Navigation of your Room Overview will expose your Room detail settings by offering a more user-friendly interface. In addition, we've introduced comprehensive device status enhancements that provide real-time updates on the online, offline status of your devices. Along with getting contextual information if that Room is in a Meeting or Idle. Now, at a glance, you can effortlessly determine the operational state of each device in your Room. Furthermore, our approach extends to the introduction of an updated Device Inventory table, offering a centralized hub to monitor and manage all devices within the Room efficiently. Join us on this journey as we uncover the details of these enhancements, unlocking a new level of control and visibility for your Poly Devices in Lens Rooms.

To get started, go to Manage > Rooms > Add New or Select a Room.
For more information see Poly Lens Help - Manage Rooms.

Side Navigation

We've improved Room identification by exposing important details on the Room Overview side navigation. The following Room details that are set or added/updated by a Lens administrator are exposed in Room Overview:

  1. Room Name
  2. Site and Floor
  3. Capacity
  4. Room Size: None/Focus/Huddle/Small/Medium/Large

Room graphic

Device Status Enhancements: Minimized and Expanded views on Device Online/Offline and Meeting Status.

Minimized View: Get immediate visibility to Devices that are online or offline and Meeting status for the Room. Use the Arrow Icon to expand Device and Meeting status information.

Room Overview - Room Status

Device Status Expanded View: Descriptions on Devices that are Online and 1 or more devices that are Offline.

Room Overview - Device Status

Click State on Offline Devices: Provides Device Name information on Device Model(s) that are Offline.

Room Overview - Offline Devices

Meeting Status Expanded:

Room Overview - Meeting Status Expanded

The Device Inventory Table: Includes the following information on the devices associated to a Room. This table can also be minimized with the Arrow Icon.

Room Overview - Inventory Device Table

  1. The Device Inventory will list the total number (#) of devices in the Room on the Title.
  2. Search Table option to isolate to a single Device.
  3. Use the Pencil icon to Expose or Hide device details based on Admin preference.
  4. Device Details Include:
    • Date Added

    • Date Last Seen

    • Device Model

    • Device Name

    • Last Provisioning Sync

    • MAC Address

    • Private IP

    • Provider

    • Serial Number

    • Software Version

    • Status (Online/Offline)