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Poly Lens Enhancements to Policies and Acoustic Events Insights

Poly Lens has continually added flexibility to how you can easily manage device software updates at scale. We are excited to announce that as part of our Lens Desktop 1.3.0 release for Windows, we have added support for another device software update policy option as well as a new Lens Desktop version policy. We also have added Acoustic events data collection from supported headsets as part of a Poly + Enterprise License.

Policy Enhancements - Device Software Update and Lens Desktop Version

We have added a new way for you to have confidence a device software or Lens Desktop version gets implemented for your device end users. This option allows you to send the end user three notices to update to the version you have set in the policy, however if the end user chooses not to update during the three notices Lens will move forward to implement the update after end user PC restart.

Benefits to End User: Gives notice to the end user that an update within Lens Desktop is required and gives them the flexibility to postpone the update three times before the update happens.

Benefits to IT Admin: Gives their end users flexibility on choosing their preferred update timing and also gives the assurance the update will be automatically implemented after the third notice and PC restart.

Acoustic Event Insights & Report

Lens has added a Lens Desktop setting policy to enable the collection of headset acoustic events since these are turned off by default with select Poly devices. Once data collection is turned on all acoustic events will show in an Acoustic Events report to show any acoustic events that occurred during conversations using select Poly products.

For more information on Lens policy and reporting options, search for Policy Settings and Reports in Poly Lens Help.