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Audit Logs

The Audit Logs feature collects activities from Account Users in Poly Lens. This allows an Admin to review activities, including time, date, IP address, or Login Type. Additionally, Event Details can be viewed, however this requires Poly+.

To View the Audit Log

  1. Go to the ACCOUNT menu > Manage All Accounts.
  2. Select an account from the list.
  3. Select Audit Logs from the side tabs.

Audit Logs

For detailed information on managing the following list, see List Management.

AuthorizedSignals if the authorization on the API Gateway passed.
Event DetailsDisplays details about the event. For example: a list of added users for the User(s) added event.
Note: The Event Details column is only available with Poly+.
Event TypeThe logged Event Type. The events currently supported are Logged in, Role changed, User(s) added, and User(s) removed.
Login TypeDisplays whether the request came from API or Web Portal.
Public IP AddressThe Public IP Address that the user logged in on.
TimeTime of the Event.
UserUser that initiated this Event. This User field is a link to the Member Details Information page.

The Event Details option is a Poly Lens Premium Poly Premiere icon feature, enabled by Poly+ or Poly+ Enterprise. To learn more about this service, see Poly+ Enterprise.