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Lens Relay Certificate Installation

Note: The Poly Lens Relay does not have a feature to create a certificate signing request (CSR).  The Relay certificate installation page will only accept a .pfx encoded certificate file.

To complete the Poly Lens Relay setup complete the certification installation.

  1. In Poly Lens, select Manage > Inventory.
  2. Select the Lens Relay created in the earlier process.

Poly Lens Inventory page displaying the created Lens Relay

  1. Select Settings > Certificate from the side tab.

Poly Lens Relay Settings - Certificate page

  1. Drag-and-drop the PFX file onto the field provided.

Poly Lens Relay Certificate page showing copy and paste process

  1. Enter the Device Certificate Password.

Poly Lens Relay Certificate page password example

  1. Select Apply.
  2. If successful, a message will display.

Poly Lens Relay Certificate page with successful message displaying