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Activate a License

The following procedure covers the license activation on Poly Lens. After purchasing a license from Poly, a License Activation Key will be sent to you via an email, this will be required before you can activate the license.

Activate a License on Poly Lens

  1. Log in to Poly Lens as an Admin.
  2. Select an Account from the list to apply the license.
  3. Go to Manage > Licensing.
  4. Select Activate a License.
  5. Click in the field under Activation Key (on the card), and enter the Activation Key.
    Note: To enter more than one key at a time, press the spacebar and enter another key.
  6. Select Next.
  7. If the activation is successful, the License will display on the Licensing > License Keys section.
    Note: If the devices do not appear, please contact Poly Support.