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Office 365 Calendar Overview

Access to premium features using the Poly Lens Management requires Poly+ Enterprise Poly Premiere icon or Elite service agreements. For a complete list of premium features that you can access in the Poly Lens portal or by using the Poly Lens Management, see Poly+ and Poly + Enterprise Features Features.

Poly Lens Premium Integration with Office 365 Calendar is a powerful feature designed to enhance your productivity by connecting your calendars across Poly Lens Rooms. Once implemented, this integration will provide enriched meeting behavior insights for Room Analysis and Priority Insights. Discover how to optimize your workflow with this in-depth guide on Office 365 Calendar Integration.

Provided Functionality

  • Office 365 Calendar App enablement/authentication
  • Room Set Up: Link Calendar to Lens Rooms
  • Monitor Calendar Integration status from Room Overview and Room List
  • Simplified path to enable Meeting Behaviors Insights for all Rooms, see Room Insights

Calendar Feature Setup

This procedure requires a Global Administrator (or an Exchange Administrator with Privileged Role Administrator permission) to grant calendar access to Poly Lens.