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Visualize key digestible metrics across your entire Poly Lens estate all in one place. To access the Dashboard, select Insights > Dashboard.

There are two Dashboard views available: Inventory and Rooms.


The Inventory Dashboard includes data from all Devices in the Inventory. Data on this Dashboard can be filtered by Model, Site, or Date.

This Dashboard includes the following charts

  • Model Uptime – models with the highest percentage of time online.

  • Most Frequently Offline – devices that experience the most frequent offline incidents, regardless of offline duration.

  • Calls – total call duration by provider.

  • Call Usage Trend – trend of total call duration by provider over time. You can select Sum or % to toggle the data between the sum of call duration by provider and the percent contribution of each provider to the total call usage.

  • Call Usage by Model - average model weekly call usage. This chart calculates the average usage of each model as follows:

    Total Number of Days Devices were Used in a Call/Total Number of Devices

For example, two Studio X30 devices were used every day from Monday to Friday this week while a third Studio X30 was not used in a call at all. This chart sums the usage days (10) and divides by the number of devices (3). Studio X30’s call use is 3.3 days this week.


The Rooms Dashboard includes data from devices assigned to Rooms in Poly Lens. Data on this Dashboard can be filtered by Site or Date. This Dashboard is enabled with the Poly+ or Poly+ Enterprise service.

This Dashboard includes Inventory charts in addition to the following

  • Video Devices - total number of Video Devices by Device Model.

  • Room Utilization vs. Occupancy – Room to Room comparison of how often people are occupying a Room with how many people are occupying a Room. Each bubble represents a single Room, and the size of each bubble represents the Room's size, with larger bubbles corresponding to larger Rooms.

    • Room Utilization (Hrs/Day) on the vertical axis shows the average number of hours a day that Room is used.
    • Occupancy (Percent Occupancy) on the horizontal axis measures the number of people in the Room against its capacity. For example, if your Room has a capacity of 8 people and it typically holds meetings with 6 people, percent occupancy is 75%. Hover over data points for more detail or click on the Room name to navigate to that Room's page. Zoom in by clicking and dragging your mouse in the chart, select Fit All to view all rooms, or select Reset to revert the X and Y Axis back to its original placement. A Room will only display if it has a Room Capacity set in Poly Lens.
  • Total Room Use - total meeting use hours and number of meetings over time.

  • Rooms Booked vs. Occupied Chart - Hours booked shows the total amount of time your Rooms are booked as per your Calendar. Hours Occupied tracks the actual time rooms are occupied from People Counting data.

  • Utilization- by Room - average Room weekly usage. For example, Room A was used for multiple meetings every day from Monday-Friday last week, but only used Wednesday this week. This chart sums the usage days (6) and divides by the number of total number of weeks (2). Room A’s Room utilization is 3 days for the last two weeks.

  • In-Person Meeting Sizes - average in-person meeting sizes over time from People Counting data. The average is calculated as follows:

    Total People Hours/Total Number of Hours the Room was Occupied

    Total People Hours is the sum of time each person was present during the duration of the meeting, a similar concept to man-hours. For example, Room A was used today for a 6-person meeting for 1 hour and a 2-person meeting for 2 hours. This chart sums the people hours (10) and divides by the number of hours the space was in use (3). Room A’s average meeting size is 3.3 people today.

Data Requirements

Usage ChartCall Detail Records (CDR)People CountingPeople Counting, CDR, or Content SharingAdditional Requirements
Call Usage TrendX   
Utilization by ModelX   
In-Person Meeting Sizes X  
Rooms Booked vs. Occupied Chart X Calendar Integration
Utilization by Room  X 
Room Utilization vs. Occupancy X Room Capacity
Total Room Use  X 

People Counting is available on all Poly Studio X video bars and Poly G7500 system with a USB-connected Poly Studio E70 camera. To maximize this feature’s functionality, update your device to the latest release and set shutter settings in the System Web Interface to the Fast Wake Up camera sleep mode.