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My Settings

When a change has been made to a parameter of a device, a blue change indicator will appear, and the change will be displayed in the My Settings feature.

Blue Change Indicator

This indicator is placed next to a parameter that has been changed, and next to the Settings section in the side bar that contains this parameter. This indicator is cleared after the change has been removed or applied to the device.

My Settings

With this feature you can view and manage all the changes (device, model, or site) that have been made to this device.
Note: The Policy level is displayed in the Inheritance column.

The My Settings feature is in the Setting side bar tab in the following management sections:

  • Device Inventory - Manage > Inventory > select device > Settings > My Settings
  • Policy by Individual Device - Manage > Policy > select Policy > My Settings
  • Policy by Site - Manage > Policy > Site > select Site > select Device Model Policy > My Settings
  • Policy by Model - Manage > Policy > Device Model > select Device Model Policy > My Settings

In the My Settings page for each of the management sections above, will have a This Policy, This Device and a Changes tab. The Changes tab appears after a change has been made to a setting.

This Policy Tab

The This Policy tab displays all the parameter changes that have been made to this policy/site/device, for all policy levels. These parameters can be further modified or removed. Note: If any changes are made in this tab, the change will be applied in whatever management section you have open. For example:

  • If you are in a Policy by Device Model, changes will be applied to the Device Model Policy open and to all devices in the policy.
  • If you are in a Policy by Site, changes will be applied to the Site Policy open, and to all devices in the site policy.
  • If you are in Device Inventory/Individual Device, changes will override the other changes made on the device (Device Model/Site).

When a change is made on a Setting, you will notice that the Inheritance will update to the policy type that you are in (Device Model/Site/Device).

Revert settings back to previous state - Select the trash icon next to the setting, the reverted change will appear on the Changes tab. Select Apply on the My Settings page to apply the new setting.

This Device Tab

This Device tab displays the configuration settings retrieved from a Voice Device and reflects the locally configured settings.
Note: Some Poly devices support multiple layers of configuration and therefore may be represented multiple times with different sources identified. Local device priority of configuration is such that these will take precedence over any Lens Policy.

To access the This Device tab the following must be true:

  • You must be an Admin
  • The Device must be Online
  • The Voice Device must have a minimum UCS software version of 5.9.8
CategoryThis section lists the settings on the device that have been configured locally.
SourceThis column displays the configuration source method for this setting.
Web - Set through the Device Web Interface.
Local - Set through the phone interface directly.

Changes Tab

Note: The Changes tab displays only when a change has been made to the device configuration.

The Changes tab displays all the changes you have made at the current management level but have not applied to this device. The user will select a Setting in the side tabs and set the parameters as needed. The changes will be listed on the Changes tab, they can be reviewed, modified, removed, or applied to the device, or policy.
Note: Once the changes have been applied to the device or policy, they will appear on the This Policy tab summary.

For your convenience, when changes are made a Review Changes link is displayed at the top of the Settings page, above the Discard and Apply buttons for quick access. Selecting the Review Changes, will open My Settings > Changes.