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Office 365 Calendar Details

The Rooms Details page evolves when the Calendar feature is integrated into the Room. The following are the new details on the Room Overview page.

Room Status

The Room Status tile will have the following information for the Room after the Calendar is Set Up and Selected.

Set Up/Select Calendar Status

The following are the two set up displays for the Calendar. The Set Up begins the Calendar integration, the Select Calendar, connects this Room to a specific Calendar.

Lens Set Up and Select Calendar links

After Set Up/Selecting Calendar

If the setup is successful, the Calendar will display Integrated.

Lens Manage Rooms page with Calendar


OnlineThis room is currently available and ready for use.
OfflineThis room is currently offline and not accessible.
BusyThis room is currently busy and not available.
UnknownThis room status is currently unknown.


In a CallA device in this room is currently being used in an active call
OccupiedPeople are currently using this room, but there is no active call taking place in the room.
In a Call
People are currently using this room, and there is an active call in progress.
IdleThe room is currently not in use.


Calendar SetupComplete Office 365 Calendar Integration
Calendar Select CalendarLink a calendar to this room for enriched calendar-based experiences
Not AssignedA calendar has not been assigned to this room
SyncingCurrently updating and synchronizing with the calendaring service
IntegratedSuccessfully connected and functional
FailedThe integration attempt was unsuccessful and needs troubleshooting and reconfiguration.
See Office 365 Calendar Troubleshooting - Error States.

Monitor Calendar Integration

The Manage Rooms list will display a new status on all the Rooms set up with the Calendar feature.

Lens Rooms list with Calendar