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Office 365 Calendar Troubleshooting

Known Error States

FailedAccess to the calendar is denied due to insufficient user permissions. Please check and ensure you have the necessary permissions for the specified calendar.
FailedImportant fields in the calendar (body) that are necessary for parsing are missing. User access to these fields is likely restricted, either deliberately or accidentally.
FailedUnable to locate the specified calendar. Verify that the calendar actually exists and the name provided is correct.
FailedNew access tokens for the tenant are unavailable because the app was removed. App re-integration is required.
FailedNew access tokens for the tenant can't be obtained because the app permissions were revoked. Re-adding permissions or re-integrating the app is required.
FailedUnexpected delays (timeouts), server errors (5xx errors), or connectivity issues have occurred. Calendar service provider may be experiencing an outage.
FailedSomething broke that we have never encountered. Please wait and try again.