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Packet Capture

To assist you in troubleshooting network data, the Packet Capture feature is available on the following voice devices. This feature allows you to collect data sent and received over the network by the device.
Note: Devices must be online (green circle icon), and provisioned (green provisioning icon) to use the Packet Capture feature.

Devices Supported

  • Poly Trios
  • Poly CCX Series
  • Poly VVX Series

See Supported Devices for a list of supported device models.

To Capture Network Packet Data

  1. Go to Manage > Inventory.

  2. Select a voice device from the Device List.

  3. Select Troubleshooting > Packet Capture from the side tab.

  4. Select the Enable packet capture slider to enable the feature.

  5. The device will restart and when complete the feature will be enabled.

  6. Set the amount of time to capture the data. The range is 180 to 64800 seconds.
    Note: Packet capturing will be automatically stopped when time expires.

  7. Select Start Capturing Packets.

  8. During this period you may wish to make a call, or recreate the event you wish to investigate.

  9. Poly Lens will capture the packets, until the timeout is reached. The file is saved and a link to download the file is displayed.

  10. Click the download link icon.

  11. The file is now downloaded and available to be opened with a packet analyzer software package.

Addition Information

The system will capture data as follows:

  • 5000 packet increments per file
  • Repeats collecting data in 5000 packet files until the Timeout has been met
  • Each file saved, replaces the previous PCAP file
  • User can download each file saved, by closely monitoring the date stamp in the link displayed