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PDMS-E Migration Process

When migrating all your devices from PDMS-E to Poly Lens, there is a defined process to follow.
Note: The Poly Lens Relay beta program has begun. If you would like to participate in this beta with your PDMS-E migration to Poly Lens, please contact

Before the Migration can Begin

The following items will need to be complete, before the migration can begin.

Customer’s PDMS-E tenant is migrated to a new PDMS-E service group enabling the Export to Poly Lens feature.
Note: This step will require up to 4-hours of PDMS-E downtime and up to 24-hours for the customer’s devices to re-register to PDMS-E.

Important Information

  • The Export/Import process ONLY moves the device policy (configuration) data. The Import does not actually move devices (change the provisioning server) from PDMS-E to Poly Lens. The goal of this process is to move policy data and confirm the data is being moved correctly and as expected. Note: The Policy hierarchy is different between PDMS-E and Poly Lens.
  • Customers can experiment with the Import process with no impact to their production PDMS-E environment. The Import process is a COPY function only. The Customer can and are encouraged to delete their account (aka tenant) and start the process over if they wanted to experiment with the Export/Import process. For example, if they want to make changes on PDMS-E and then Import to Poly Lens to understand how the data is copied.
  • Customers can experiment with moving (change the provisioning server from PDMS-E to Poly Lens) 1 device at a time to understand how they can do this at scale - manual, DHCP, or using a PDMS-E custom configuration.

PDMS-E Migration to Poly Lens

When migrating all your devices from PDMS-E to Poly Lens, there is a defined process to follow.
The following is the step-by-step migration process, with links to the detailed processes.

  1. Create a new Account in Poly Lens, see create an Account.
    This will allow you to have all the migrated devices in one account, until the full migration is complete.
  2. Enable Provisioning on this new account, see Enable Provisioning.
  3. Prepare the PDMS-E environment to export to Poly Lens. For example, update software to a minimal level, if needed.
  4. Export the PDMS-E configuration data, see PDMS-E Export.
  5. Import the file exported from PDMS-E into Poly Lens, see Import the zipped PDMS-E file.
  6. Migrate devices from PDMS-E into Poly Lens, see Migrate Device options.

Note: You can only import data into a Poly Lens Account that does not have devices in it. If there is an issue with the data import, delete the account, create a new one, then start the migration process again.

For additional information, see PDMS-E Migration FAQs.