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Apply Resource Files

As an Admin you can manage resources files uploaded to Poly Lens and directly apply them to your device Policies. This is done by selecting the Resource File icon Resource File icon on the appropriate device setting and selecting the correct resource file to apply.

Apply a Resource File

  1. Go to Manage > Policies.
  2. Select Device Model.
  3. Select a Device Model from the list.
  4. Within the Policy Settings there are many fields that have the Resource File icon Resource File icon associated with them. This indicates that you can apply a Resource File to this field.
  5. Select the Resource File icon Resource File icon.
  6. Select a Resource File from the list to apply and select OK. Note: The Resource File must be the correct file type for the field. Example: Graphic file for a background or icon, a Sound file for a ringtone.
  7. The selected Resource File name will be displayed in the field.
  8. Poly Lens will now apply this configuration at the next Policy update of the device.

Note: The process for configuring a device to use a Resource File for customization varies based on the device and the desired customization. The application of the customizations will vary based on the configured Provider mode of the device. See Device Documentation to locate the Device Administrator Guide for configurations that are necessary for the desired device customization.