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Create a Custom Background Policy

As an Admin you can upload image files to be used by a device in Poly Lens. The following process walks you through applying a custom background to a policy.
Note: The following is an example of applying a background policy to all G7500s running in Poly Video provider through a Model Policy.

Apply a Custom Background to a Policy

  1. Upload the background image file into Poly Lens, see Manage Resources.
  2. Select Manage > Policies > Device Model.
  3. Select G7500 from the Device Model list.
  4. Select the Settings side tab. Note: The Settings option is not available until Device Provisioning is enabled. See Enable Device Provisioning on an Account.
  5. Select General Settings > Home Screen.
  6. In the Background Image URL field, in the Background Category section, select the Resource File icon Resource File icon.
  7. Select a background image file from the Select Resource File list.
  8. Select OK.
  9. The file name will populate the field.
  10. Select Apply. This graphic will now be applied to this policy.

Note: Poly Lens leverages friendly names to simplify device configuration, while device administrator guides however refer to the XML configuration parameter name. Within Poly Lens, you can filter the setting by entering the XML parameter name making the process of finding your desired configuration easier.

See Device Documentation to locate the Device Administrator Guide for configurations that are necessary for the desired device customization.