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Apply a Contact Directory

As an Admin you can manage resource files in Poly Lens. The following process walks you through applying a Contact Directory to a Voice device. Note: Poly Video devices do not support Contact Directory files.

Contact Directory File

Use the following guidelines when uploading the Contact Directory files:

  • When you upload a global 000000000000-directory.xml file as a resource file (for example, 000000000000-directory.xml) Poly Lens applies this file to all the Voice Devices in the current Poly Lens Account.
  • Devices will automatically get their directory file when provisioning to Poly Lens. Uploading a 000000000000-directory.xml file to your Resources will apply to all VVX, CCX, and Trio devices.
  • You can also upload a MAC-directory.xml file for a specific device. Example: 64167fbac7fb-directory.xml
  • After a device connects to Poly Lens, the device automatically requests the MAC-directory.xml file, then the global 000000000000-directory.xml file. The device will merge the two files, providing preference in conflicts to the device specific (MAC-directory.xml) file.
    Note: If the device has Local Directory disabled (, then it will not request either the local or device specific directory file.

Apply a Contact Directory to a Device

  1. Verify that Local Contact Directory is not disabled. Go to Settings > Features > Contact Directory > Local > Enable Local Contact Directory.
  2. Upload either the default Global directory file and/or the MAC-directory file for the device. See Device Documentation to locate the Device Administrator Guide for proper file format structure.
  3. Reboot your device or wait for the next provisioning sync for the device to retrieve the directory file(s)