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Poly+ and Poly+ Enterprise Features

The following features are enabled with the Poly + or Poly + Enterprise service.

Note: The following features have an indicator that these features require Poly+ or Poly+ Enterprise service Poly Premiere icon.

FeaturesDescriptionPoly+ EnterprisePoly+
Notification CenterOptimize and save time throughout your day with custom device alerts for status, software availability, and license expiration dates.
Audit Log Event DetailsGain better visibility into Poly Lens Admin portal usage with additional detail on what has changed, when, and by whom.
Network DiagnosticsGet insights on how network performance may be impacting the meeting experience of end users. Ideal for troubleshooting remote users with less-than-ideal consumer bandwidth.
Room InsightsHighlights key room utilization and meeting behavior data into a curated list of notable insights about how your space is being used. 
Room AnalyticsCustomizable, unified view of room utilization trends. Compares activity across sites and rooms all in one place. 
Room DashboardProvides the ability to explore detailed workplace usage in specific rooms down to the hour. 
 API Access to Premium FeaturesAccess the Poly Lens premium features listed above using APIs to build applications that are customized to your needs. Help build the future of communication one API at a time. 
 Visual Analytics with Power BIUse Power BI to visualize your Poly Lens inventory of headsets, conference phones, and video devices, or combine it with other data sets for a comprehensive view of your UC environment.