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PIN for PC-Based Room System Devices

To onboard your PC-based Room into Poly Lens with Poly Lens Room App.

Onboard your PC Room with a PIN Code into Poly Lens

  1. Within the Poly Lens Room App, select Onboard Device with PIN.
  2. The application will generate a PIN code.
  3. Copy the PIN code with the copy icon.
  4. In the Poly Lens portal, go to Manage > Register Device.
  5. Locate PIN or QR Code Onboarding and select Register a single device.
  6. Select Device is a PC-Based Room System.
  7. Enter/paste the PIN number to the Device PIN field.
  8. Confirm/select the Account to be associated with.
  9. Enter a Name for the Room.
  10. Select Register Device.

Verify a Successful Room Onboard

  1. Go back to the Poly Lens Room App and confirm the Success screen has appeared on the App.
  2. If the Success screen is not displayed, you can select Verify Onboarding in the Poly Lens Room app to confirm the onboarding was successful.